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Eléphant 2 Italian Restaurant - Nîmes - Les Jardins de la Fontaine - France

Discover our region

Italian Nîmes

Our Elephant 2 restaurant is located in the Nîmes region of southern France, in the department of Gard and therefore at the heart of Languedoc Roussillon.

Italy was tempted by the region well before we were, as in the age of Antiquity that Nîmes was founded by the Romans.

From that time, known as the "Roman period", many treasured relics remain in Nîmes such as the Maison Carrée, Arenas, the Tour Magne... People don’t call it the "French Rome" for nothing!

Eléphant 2 Italian Restaurant - Nîmes - La Tour Magne - France

Nimes multicultural

Criss-crossed by religious wars (the Camisard revolt), and touched by Roman, Hispanic, Provencal, Protestant and Camargue influences, Nîmes is enriched by multiple influences that make it a unique Historical and Artistic Town in the South of France.

Its Férias - different festivals - make it very lively and bustling city.

But a visit to Nîmes does not end at the Maison Carrée, its Arenas and the Tour Magne! There are numerous other sites for you to visit, such as the Jardins de la Fontaine, the Carré d'Art, the Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor Cathedral, the churches of Saint-Paul, Sainte-Perpétue-et-Félicité, Saint-Baudile, Saint-Charles and the Clock Tower...

The Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Old Nîmes, the Natural History Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Taurine Cultures or the Railway Museum can also be visited.

After a fine Italian meal with us you can, simply, leave the historic centre and meander through the back streets of Nîmes discovering its squares and fountains...

Eléphant 2 Italian Restaurant - Nîmes - Les Jardins de la Fontaine - France

Nîmes, the town of light

Nîmes is in Gard, Languedoc Roussillon, so the weather is, without exception, sun, sun, sun!

Between sea and mountains, between Cévennes and Camargue, Arles, Avignon, Alès, Montpellier, Nîmes boasts a privileged location and very pleasant climate.

The Roman influence, the climate, the soil, all mean the best quality products (fruit and vegetables, cheeses, olives...) and fine wines such as Costières de Nîmes.

At the restaurant, we ensure we make the most of this!

And to learn a little more?

The Nîmes Tourist Office site will give you lots of useful information.

Wikipedia is a wealth of information! Its page on the history of Nimes is particularly interesting.

On Flickr Internet users have posted many photographs of Nîmes.

Finally, to find out more come and find us. Here are the road directions for the restaurant.


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